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Empowering Women to Succeed and Lead

Since 1919, YWCA Tampa Bay has been a leader in providing services to women and their families. More than ever, YWCAs across the globe are helping women succeed, and this concept has been the foundation of our local work for more than 93 years. We have made significant progress in advancing employment opportunities, voting rights, and race relations for women and people of color. However, the state and rights of women remain vulnerable, even in the 21st century, as societal influences continue to threaten the wealth and overall security of women and their families.

The Facts about Women in the Workforce

During the 1900s, women made up only 20 percent of the workforce. Today, women comprise 46 percent of the workforce, but 59 percent of these workers earn less than $8 an hour. This means that many women take jobs that pay well under a living wage. With nearly 16 percent of U.S. households comprised of women who are divorced, widowed or never married as the sole providers, this leaves many women at a distinct disadvantage and struggling to make ends meet as they dominate jobs in low-paying fields.

The statistics are clear: the weekly earnings of women working full-time are three-fourths that of their male counterparts. While personal choices, occupational crowding and discrimination contribute to the gender gap, the higher share of women working in lower-paying jobs is still the largest contributor.

How We are Helping

Each day, YWCA Tampa Bay works with women to ensure their economic empowerment in the face of the very real challenges impacting them, particularly in the area of pay equity. We have witnessed firsthand how the economic downturn has forced a broad background of women and their families into increased levels of poverty and neglect.

Last year, YWCA Tampa Bay impacted more than 1,000 individuals by ensuring that women had housing, employment, childcare, transportation, food, clothing and opportunities for personal and professional development. We work to empower women by giving them the tools to not only restore economic stability, but to grow their financial well-being to a state beyond simply surviving to one that is thriving.

As women continue to be the leaders and primary income generators for their families, YWCA Tampa Bay will support them by executing deliberate programming to bridge the gender-wage gap. YWCA Tampa Bay seeks to diversify occupational opportunities for women, empowering them to access nontraditional markets and obtain higher, equitable wages. Through our range of programming in childcare, supportive housing services, and racial and economic justice, YWCA Tampa Bay remains a powerful institution of service, change and advocacy.

We are proud of the legacy that continues to move women and families to improved levels of self-sufficiency, preparing them to compete in the modern world.

How You Can Help

YWCA Tampa Bay understands the necessity of economically empowering women and has a renewed commitment to developing programs that serve this purpose. Please check our site frequently to learn about new services in this area and what YOU can do to help.

To volunteer for one of our programs and help empower the women of Tampa Bay, please click here. To donate to our important work, please click here.