YWCA Tampa Bay

Leadership | YWCA Tampa Bay

YWCA Tampa Bay strives to bring together a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life to strengthen the local organization. Each board member is a leader in her respective field and will use the resources available to her to benefit and empower the organization. Our dedicated staff is committed to furthering the mission of the YWCA and helping the women, children and families in our community strengthen and grow.

The YWCA is a vital part of the Tampa Bay community. While there are many organizations that have missions around racism, poverty and justice, the YWCA’s focus on empowering women is rare. We have the ability to change the lives of women and children – and the entire community –by helping women realize their full potential.

YWCA Tampa Bay is a mirror of the community in which we live. It is a viable example of how direct assistance to women, children and families can make a difference.