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FAQs | YWCA Tampa Bay

Q: Where is YWCA Tampa Bay located?

A: YWCA Tampa Bay's administrative office is located at 204 -37th Ave. N., Suite 331, St. Petersburg, FL, 33704. The Family Village Child Development Center is located at 429 Sixth Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701.

Q: Is the YWCA for women only?

A: Our association focuses on the needs and issues of women, children and families, and we strive to design programs that address the empowerment of women. However, our services provide support to families with children, and this could include a father with children. The YWCA is committed to the elimination of racism, wherever it exists, and the empowerment of women. Men serve in staff positions, on Advisory Boards and committees, and support the YWCA and its mission in many ways.

Q: What is the purpose of the YWCA?

A: Racial Justice and Women's Economic Empowerment are the Hallmark Programs of the YWCA and are an integral part of our mission. These programs are reflected in our brand and are what distinguish the YWCA from all other socially conscious organizations.

Q: How many people do you serve?

A: YWCA Tampa Bay serves more than 6,000 women, girls and their families per year. The YWCA represents approximately 2 million women, girls and their families in the U.S. and more than 25 million women worldwide. The YWCA has more than 300 associations throughout the U.S., and the World YWCA is at work in more than 100 countries.

Q: When was the YWCA founded?

A: London, England was home to the first YWCA, which was established in 1855. America soon followed with a chapter in 1858. The first National Board was constituted in 1906.

Q: Is the YWCA a "social services" agency?

A: Yes, we identify the unmet needs of women in our community and design social services and programs to specifically meet those needs. Our local programs include child development and women’s economic advancement.

Q: Does the YWCA provide health and fitness programs?

A: YWCA Tampa Bay does not provide fitness opportunities as part of our programming. Each local YWCA assesses the needs of its own community to determine the programs and services to provide. All YWCAs develop programs that fit within the Hallmark Programs of racial justice and economic advancement of women.

Q: Are you a faith-based organization?

A: No. People of many denominations and religious beliefs work, volunteer and receive services here.